Luxury yacht charter

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we tip the crew with the credit card?
Yes you can, just keep in mind that it will take a few days for them to get the tip, so it is better for them if you tip cash. ūüėä
Is service included in the price? If not, what tip do you consider is good?
Service is not included in any of our charters or packages. We suggest tipping 15-20% of the cost of the charter. 
Can you pick/drop us by Medano/Palmilla?
Yes, we can. Just keep in mind that you need to pay for the panga that will pick you up on the boat and take you to the beach. We can arrange the panga for you.
Can we do scuba diving during our boat trip?
If you are certified, you are totally welcome to bring an instructor and bring everything on board, tanks and scuba gear, also keeping in mind that it will have an extra cost for that. But for sure, there isn’t a problem at all doing diving from the boat.
Do you offer premium bar?
Yes, besides of what we include in your trip, we have a selection of drinks on board, which you can purchase with the crew on board, also if you have any special request in drinks, we can totally get them for you.
Do you offer transportation?
We do not offer transportation, but we know an external company so If you need us to take care of that we can definitely do it with no problem, but it would have an extra cost that will depend on where you are located and the amount of people. 
Is it allowed to bring more stuff on board (extra food, alcohol) besides what's included?
Yes, there's no problem at all. If you want a specific bottle of liquor, or if there's something else you'd like for food besides the food included you can let us know as well and we can check if that would be possible and under what cost.
What if we ended up arriving with more people than the expected amount, will they be allowed to get aboard?
We ask for 24-48 hours advanced notice for any modification in all  charters. If you don't let us know in advance we will have food for the amount of people you gave us when you did the reservation. Once you're at the dock you would pay for the extra passengers, they would be allowed as long as they don't exceed the passenger limit allowed.  
Can we do fishing on the yacht?
Yes, you can. Even though your trip is for cruising, the majority of our yachts have basic equipment on board to do "light fishing". So you can add that to your list of activities on board. If you catch something you can talk with the crew to see if they can cook it for you or make you a fresh "Cabo Style" Sashimi. If that's the case you would need fishing licenses, we can buy those for you and it would be added to your balance.
Do you have vegetarian or gluten free options?
Yes, we do have options for our vegetarian and gluten free customers.