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Pisces Yachting brokerage is regarded as one of the experts in the industry which is why we have teamed up with Galati Yachts and integrated across a worldwide platform that gets results whether you are buying or selling. With an impressive network of experienced team across North America and even worldwide, Galati and Pisces’ reputation is second to none.

Our brokers are on-hand to assist with all aspects of both a small or large yacht purchase and are involved in price and contract negotiations, advise on ownership and corporate structures, organize surveys and sea trial logistics, and handle all administrative documentation. Our job is to ensure a smooth acquisition from start to finish, leaving a client free to enjoy the pleasures of hassle-free ownership.

We have the largest fleet of yachts in Los Cabos, the most comprehensive database and information on every yacht for sale. In terms of helping you market your yacht for sale, we offer a highly customized “Integrated Marketing Package” along with our contacts of over 30 years in the boating and yachting industries.

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